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Julia of Coathangers to release solo LP
Category: Alternative Date: July 14, 2022, 4:48 pm Feed: PunkNews.org
Julia Kugel of The Coathangers will release a solo album on Sept 30 via Suicide Squeeze Records. The releases is billed under the name Julia, Julia and the LP is called Derealization.The lead single is called"Fever in my heart." About the track, Kugel said: ""This song is about losing yourself, losing your mind and liking it. In some weird way it felt magical to feel completely out of place in reality. I felt like I had heightened senses, like I could feel a rising vibration in my heart. Everything was falling apart but I liked it. I felt alive. I had seen a glimpse of my true self and I knew her right away. I saw a reflection that wasn?t distorted for once, and I wanted to follow it through the looking glass to the other side where I could feel totally at peace. I hadn?t known that was possible before. Layers and layers of vocals convey the confusion and ecstasy of madness. I call this my acoustic techno song since it has a dance aesthetic at its core, but the production is humble and mostly unplugged."You can check out the video below.
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